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                                                            JAPANESE STYLE SWEETS                                              

Tasty Japanese style sweets and tofu cheese cake using High quality ingredients no artificial colours or preservatives.
Serving businesses  for past 17 years.


 To order, please give a 2 to 3 days notice in advance from one of the following sources🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️


Text Message: 416-493-8444

Instagram DM (Direct Message):  (@wanokacafe)



Pick up location:  2101 Brimley Road- Scarborough 



Cakes available to order

     Tofu Cheese Cake

Tofu cheese cake

Silky and creamy, Japanese style rare cheese cake. Very light texture. 


6 inches   . . . . . . . $36.00


8 inches  . . . . . .   $ 49.00

Chestnut Chiffon cake

chest nut shiffon cake

Rich flavour of Chestnut. Enjoy  very soft, fluffy and light sponge cake with crunchy texture of  crushed chestnut  topping.

                    7 inches . . . . . $49.00


Vanilla Cream puff

vanila cream puff

Light texture of custard cream with fresh fragrance of vanilla beans.

   (3 inches each)

    Each: $ 5.95  (Minimum order 6 pieces)






Green tea mousse with red bean sauce

green tea mousse

Using high quality Japanese green tea powder, soft and fluffy with rich green tea aroma.

  $ 5.95

Plum wine jelly with Grapes

plum wine jello

Very soft texture jelly, melt in your mouth like plum wine drinks . serve with large grapes marinaded with plum wine ( contain Alcohol).

Set of 4 cups . . . $ 25.00

Strawberry short cake

straw berry short cake

Very soft layered sponge with Strawberries, fresh  whipped cream with a perfect balance of sweetness, and a hint of white chocolate flakes on top.

       7 Inches . . . . .$ 47.00


Mango Yogurt Cheese cake

Mango yogurt cream cheese cake

       (Seasonal- April to August only)

Creamy and light texture Japanese style rare cheese cake with combination of sweet and sourness of fresh and juicy mango.Layer of vanilla sponge, Mango puree and yogurt cheese cream.

                7 inches . . . . . . $47.00

Green Tea Chiffon cake

green tea chiffon

Green tea and white chocolate cream and  red bean sauce on top and  in between.

incredibly soft and moist sponge cake.

    7 Inches  . . . . .$ 49.00

Green tea cream puff

green tea puff

Mixture of  high quality  Japanese green tea and light textured custard cream with hint of red bean sauce.

 (3 inches each )

Each: $ 5.95  (Minimum order 6 pieces)



Black sesame pudding with milk sauce

black seasame pudding

Mix of creamy black sesame and flavoured cream with light texture.

  $ 5.95


Japanese style Butter cookies

butter cookie

These cookies are tender and buttery flavour with a hint of Vanilla and Almond. 

6 flavour(Green tea cashew/ Black Sesame White Chocolate/ Houjicha Brown sugar/Pistachio nut/Chocolate chip/Almond coco)

 6 pieces:   $ 9.00

 12 Pieces: $ 17.00


Chocolate mousse Cake

chocolate mousse cake

Very rich chocolate layered  cake made of 3 different type of chocolate: cream cake, mousse cake and ganache cake. 

         7 Inches . . . . .  $47.00




Strawberry Cheese cake

strawberry yogurt cheese cake

Creamy and light texture Japanese style rare cheese cake with combination of sweet and fresh Strawberries .Layer of vanilla sponge, Strawberry puree and yogurt cheese cream

                7 inches . . . . . . $ 47.00


     Chocolate Banana tart

chocolate banana tart

The popular combination with good balance of sweetness and layer of sponge cake on the bottom, which makes it not too much creamy.

    7 Inches  . . . . . $ 47.00



Hojicha Cream puff

hojicha cream puf

New flavour with nice roasted   green tea. caramel coated walnut on top, gives it  a crunchy accent. 

 (3 inches each )

Each: $ 5.95  (Minimum order 6 pieces)



Soy Vanilla pudding with black honey sauce

soy vanilla pudding

Combination of Soy  and vanilla using high quality vanilla beans for fragrance


   $ 5.95


Almond cookie tart

Almond cookie tart

Crispy, Caramelized almond slices on top of butter cookie, with the hint of Rum fragrance.

Crispy, chewy and nice flavour of caramel and butter.


       $ 27.00  






Mont Blanc

mont blanc

Rich Chestnut Flavour, with creamy texture. Crispy tart base with moist chestnut almond butter tart on the bottom. Combined with a hint of Rum for an accent flavour.

       7 Inches . . . . . $ 49.00





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